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Enduro Finale Ligure MTB

Enduro World Series MTB

FinalEnduro is an event that was born in 2008 and sees the organization of the final stage of the World Championship of Enduro MTB discipline.
The great development of the discipline leads in a few years to the creation of an Enduro World Championship in MTB that leads to the development of the international Enduro World Series in 2013.
Each edition presents a different path, highlighting the quantity and the great variety of paths that the Finale is able to offer. Thanks to the mild and perfect climate throughout the year for the practice of mountain biking, from the first year the FinalEnduro is organized representing one of the closing events of the cycling season and offering a variety of exciting routes both from the technical point of view and from that emozioanale, and has already become in the first editions the reference event of the season.
The most important riders of the MTB world scene meet at Finale LIgure for this event, which in short has consecrated the Finale as one of the references of Mountain Bike around the world.


viaggio nel medioevo

A jump back six centuries. From 23 to 26 August, will do it the ancient walled center of Finalborgo, one of the richest towns in the Savona area of buildings of historical interest, which in 2004 became part of the Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
The "journey", which will bring it back to the fifteenth century, with shops and inns populated by patrons in period costume, streets and squares animated by ladies and knights, concerts of medieval Celtic music and shows of jesters, jugglers and fire eaters, is organized from the FINALE HISTORICAL CENTER of Finale Ligure in collaboration with the actors of the international VIV'ARTE company of Oliveira do Bairro.

# 9AGO

Cena con delitto

At the "NonUnoMeno" social bistro in the Cloisters of Santa Caterina in Finalborgo, the event will be held and organized by the Zonta Club Finale Ligure, with the sponsorship of the Unione dei Comuni del Finalese.
The theatrical performance is set up by the company "Quelli che ... Il catechismo lo fanno a Feglino".
The proceeds will be used to finance the second edition of the project launched by the "Artemisia Gentileschi" anti-violence desk at the Finale schools.

# 10AGO

Notte di Fuochi

On the night of San Lorenzo at the Piazza del Mare in Varigotti, before looking for the shooting stars, you can watch the sky lit up by the thousands of colors of the fireworks show. The best way to celebrate the summer.

# 21AGO

Assalto al castello

Historical games and skill competitions with animation. Children must challenge themselves in aiming and speed challenges, playing with nuts, hoops, tumblers ... Activities for children aged 5 and up.