Via G. F. Drione, 30 - FINALE LIGURE (SV) 393 9638416


We created this Guest House and we called it "Finarin" which in Ligurian dialect means "inhabitant of Finale". And we have assigned to its chambers the names that tie Finale to its history of corsairs, pirates, witches, noble lords and princesses. Guests will discover the “Marchese” room, the “Infanta” room, the “Pirata” room and the “Strega” room. All characters who have left a mark on the city of Finale and of which you can know the stories in the Guest House.
We hope many guests will enjoy their stay at "Finarin".


Finale Ligure

History tells that the first settlements in the area date back to the Paleolithic. The territory is rich in pre-Roman, Roman, early Christian and Byzantine architectural evidence. The Finale was later inherited by the descendant of Aleramo, who obtained the investiture from Federico Barbarossa in 1162. The Del Carretto marquis family constituted the powerful “Marchesato del Finale” which clashed several times with the Republic of Genoa, owner of almost all the ports of Liguria. And in addition to resisting the strong Republic, it countered the Saracen pirates who sacked all the coasts of northern Italy. The marquisate resisted until around 1602 when Finale was invaded and conquered by the king of Spain who ruled it over a century. Then the territory returned under the sights of Genoa.